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Getting Started

Getting off to a smooth start is important to the success of the goals of the student.  That’s why Dusty’s intake process includes an initial meeting at no charge to the potential client.  

The initial meeting is at the student’s home with both the student and parents present.  It normally lasts for about 45 minutes.

Purpose of the meeting:

  • Information exchange
    • About Dusty
    • About student generally
  • Get a sense of each other
  • Set a general level of expectations and outcomes

Student agency

  • Effectiveness of any mentor will depend on the personal relationship of the mentor and student
  • Each student needs to have the ability to decide whether she/he feels comfortable with Dusty and wants to move forward and begin working together.


  • Normally the student and family discuss the situation after Dusty leaves.
  • Dusty will also make sure that he is comfortable with being able to make a positive contribution.


  • A schedule will be set with the hopes that it will meet the student’s needs for the academic year.  That being said, it is understood that there may need to be changes to the schedule.

Providing information

  • Will vary from student to student, but some possibilities are:
    • Neuropsychological evaluations
    • Progress reports
    • Log-on information to school academic systems