What Clients Say

“Dusty works with you on the basics and makes sure you understand the subject.  He helped me learn how to study better and be less anxious while taking tests.

He really helped me with everything."

--Student  (8th-10th grade)

“Dusty has a very intuitive and natural way of working with our daughter.  He structures his instructions in a way that builds on her strengths while still addressing areas that need improvement, without making her feel inadequate. He does not rush our daughter and she appreciates the space created by his patience.  He collaborates and communicates with our daughter, her teachers and ourselves so that we are all ‘in the loop’ about both progress as well as areas of concern.  Dusty has built a respectful and sharing environment in which our daughter, who has struggled with math, feels supported and comfortable.  This has led to her being more self-directed and greatly reduced stress related to homework.” 

--Parent  (7th-8th grade)

"Dusty began working with our son, who is dyslexic, in 7th grade and continues to help him in high school.  His patience and acceptance of our son’s limitations of not being able to spell well and his difficulty in reading have given our son a sense of comfort and confidence.  Dusty has a way of dealing with difficult situations in an upbeat and candid way, which has been helpful to our son and our family.  We feel 

very grateful to have had the support that Dusty has provided us.”  

--Parents  (7th-10th grade)

Dusty breaks down information in a clear way that helps me understand the basics of what I’m doing. He is also really patient and makes sure that I understand something before moving on to the next thing. Dusty helps me try to be balanced, too. When I get carried away with studying or other work, Dusty always helps me see what’s important – to take deep breaths and make priorities.  I used to be really anxious about math. Because of this, I hated it. Dusty worked with me to get rid of my anxiety and I became really good at math. It’s now my favorite subject. My confidence has increased a lot. 

--Student  (7th-10th grade)

Working with Dusty:

“Dusty is fun to work with.  He doesn’t let me get away with much and always wants me to give it my best shot.  He will take as long as it takes to explain a math idea, in as many ways as possible, until the light bulb goes on for me and I ‘get it.’  Math is making more and more sense to me and Dusty had 

a lot to do with that.”

--Student  (8th-9th grade)

“Mr. Sykes has had a positive impact on [student] and keeps him encouraged.  On several occasions Dusty has gone above and beyond to help my grandson and me.  I couldn’t ask for more.

-- Grandmother  (7th-10th grade)

“Dusty has been an outstanding math tutor.  He identified areas of need and then developed a teaching plan to teach the skills while ensuring understanding.  He kept reinforcing skill development until they became deeply rooted.  His instruction was delivered in a patient and sensitive way and he took every opportunity to reinforce my daughter’s perception of not only her math ability, but her abilities in general.  My daughter loves working with Dusty, making the tutoring process an enjoyable and gratifying experience.  Consequently, my daughter has gone from being in danger of failing to a high B grade.  I give my highest recommendation without qualification to Dusty Sykes.  He has a keen intellect, combined with a patient spirit, sensitive soul, and a loving heart.”

--Parents  (9th-10th grade)

“Dusty met my son when he was in 6th grade-he was very discouraged about his math capabilities.  Dusty focused more on the actual discomfort around math and challenged my son to think more positively and to change the statements that he was making about his math capabilities.  This was a real turning point and paved the way for my son to “take off” in math.  My son was in the upper level math in 8th grade and is taking honors geometry his freshman year.  He states that math is his favorite subject now.  Dusty is genuinely caring, compassionate and concerned in dealing with my son—he deals with him as a total person, not just a kid who needs help with math.”

--Parent  (6th-9th grade)

“Dusty worked closely with our daughter’s math teacher when she was in eighth grade and, at his recommendation, her teacher gave Dusty the lead in developing a personalized curriculum for our daughter.  It helped our daughter begin to penetrate the more conceptual aspects of math.  He continued to work with her during her transition to high school, which gave her a sense of solidness and having someone in her corner.  Dusty provides his outlook to us as parents—HSPT testing ideas, his sense of the schools under consideration, his recommendations on the most appropriate courses for freshman year and much more.”

--Parents  (8th-9th grade)